There are many things to get involved in at Reflections Church. We have ministry areas where you can serve as well as be a part of to grow spiritually and also develop relationships with other people.

The ministries of Reflections Church are driven by a desire to give everyone solid biblical direction for life. The Word of God brings the clarity and direction we need when we find ourselves facing difficult situations in our lives. Living out our faith in a church family with other believers will help us grow spiritually and focus on the things that matter most.

Everyone is invited to participate with us in the following ministries. Even if you are not members of Reflections, but want to "DO" something to be His hands and feet. Please contact the church office to get the contact info for the ministry that God has placed on your heart. Together, we can make a difference! We can change lives!

Back to School, Backpacks:

Putting together backpacks filled with essential school supplies for children who currently don't have resources.

Ways to participate:

  1. 100% of all contributions to this outreach ministry go toward purchasing school supplies for underprivileged kids in the Meridian School District. Tax deductible donations to Reflections Church must be noted with "Back To School".
  2. Help put the backpacks together and deliver them.
Please contact Carl and Nancy Beauchamp or Ed and Barbara Lasky.

Pray Walking:

Walking through the neighborhoods in our community and lifting them and the people who live here to God. Asking the Lord how we can serve them in His name.

Ways to participate:

  1. Walking through neighborhoods in Meridian once a week for six months.
This is a new ministry and, although we want it to be organized, we want to give people the choice of which neighborhoods that they will commit to walk through and pray over, once a week, for the next six months. If you know where you want to walk, please let us know so we don't double up. If you don't know where to walk, contact us and we will help you pick a neighborhood.

Please contact Joe Weddle or Jim Day.

Dinners on us!:

Another new and exciting ministry! Volunteers put together the groceries for a nice dinner and deliver them to a family (not church members) in the area.
Ways to participate:

  1. Purchase groceries and bring them to the church with receipt.
  2. 100% of all contributions go toward the purchase of groceries. Tax deductible donations must be noted "Dinner".
  3. Put together and/or deliver dinners.
Please contact the Church Offices.

Bible Giveaway:

We have purchased Bibles and individuals (volunteers) highlight their favorite verses and write a short note of encouragement in the front. We then give them away to people that the Holy Spirit leads us to.

Please contact the Church Offices.

We all need a place to belong!

Small Groups are where people know our name, where they care about us and what's going on in our lives, where we can be ourselves. At Reflections we believe strongly that every single person needs the blessing of belonging to an authentic community. We strive to accomplish that through our REFLECT Groups - groups of 6 to 12 people whe meet in homes, restaurants, city parks, or wherever to fellowship together, study Scripture together, worship and pray together, and serve together.

These grasroots groups give people the chance to get to know a smaller group of people than they ordinarily can on Sunday mornings and to have a vehicle to put their faith into practice.

If you haven't yet joined a REFLECT Group, get plugged in TODAY!

Our Elders

Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding. -Jeremiah 3:15

Church Staff